What To Do When the Game Gets Wild

Sometimes you’ll jump into Multiplayer Draw Poker at The Gold Casino and everything is normal. You’re playing against two, three, or four other players and things are calm: the bets aren’t too big, the players have reasonable amounts of gold, and so on. But the next thing you know someone with a lot of gold jumps into the game and Top Online Baccarat – UK website things go wild: people are opening with 400cg, people are raising 400cg two or three times, people are opening with 200cg with a pair of deuces – the list goes on.

What should you do in this situation?

When you get involved in a crazy game, you should imagine yourself like a bird of prey sitting silently and calmly in a tree, just waiting for your prey to walk right in front of you. And once it does- LOTS OF GOLD!

You can’t give in to a crazy game and start playing crazy like the other players, since one of two things will happen. That’s the temptation, but you just can’t give in to it. There’s a really long shot that you’ll make tons of gold, but instead you’ll probably see your amount of gold slowly but surely dwindle down to nothing.

In a game like this, you first need to see how much these crazy players are betting on their hands. Are they opening for 400cg after the draw with a pair of 10s? Are they opening before the draw for 200cg with no pair, or just an ace and a queen? Are they bluffing like crazy?

Whatever they’re doing, you’ve got to do what’s called “play tight.” Don’t call their opens before the draw unless you’ve been dealt a relatively strong hand – that is, relative to the hands they’ve been opening with. And don’t call their bets after the draw unless, again, you’ve got a relatively strong hand. What this means is that you’ll be doing lots of folding – both before and after the draw. So it can get boring, but it will be worth your wait. For eventually, you’ll be dealt three of a kind to begin with, or a pair of aces and something else, and when one of these crazy players opens with 400cg, you can go ahead and call – or definitely raise if you’ve been dealt a high three of a kind. Since the other players are betting like they’re insane, I guarantee they’re going to call you; and when they do, you might be looking at a 20 gram pot or even higher.

Or imagine what you can do if you draw to a full house in a game like this? Or if you draw to a straight or a flush? You’ll be playing against players betting hundreds of grams on a single high pair or two mediocre pair, and in a case like this you’re going to leave the room with a lot more gold than you came in with.

So in sum, let the other players play their crazy game, go ahead and put on some relaxing music, maybe even pour yourself a glass of nice wine. And then wait, and wait, and wait some more if need be. These are the best kinds of games to be in – that is, if you play them right. If you don’t give into the urge to join the madness, but instead play with a calm, cool, and patient demeanor, you’re going to walk out of this session of Multiplayer Draw Poker at The Gold Casino a big winner.